An Update and Invitation to Our Potlucks!

A month and a half ago I wrote to let you know we were trying to purchase a piece of property and that we needed your financial help to pay our $275,000 downpayment.

I just wanted to let everyone know that on June 23 we will be purchasing 5881 Third Line, Erin to begin building our dream of a community organic farm. And that every Sunday for the summer starting on June 29th we will be having Family-Friendly Community Potlucks at 5pm at the farm, with “Crop Mobs” starting at 3 pm where you can come and help for 2 hours before the Potluck begins! Potlucks will happen Rain or Shine and you are invited to attend whether or not you help us in the field.

The first potluck will include a farm tour and a birthday cake for Seb! We hope to eventually set up a page on our website to help organize carpooling and mass bike riding to the potlucks! Let us know if getting a ride is an issue for you.

If you are interested in contributing financially to the farm please do so in the next couple weeks. Also if you sent us a cheque in the mail it will be deposited in the next two weeks, sorry for the delay. Please let us know if you do not see it leave your account by June 20! AND if you have any farm name suggestions please send them to us immediately! 🙂

We have raised $30,000 and would like to raise $75,000-$100,000. We have arranged to borrow money until we reach our fundraising goal, so it will be an ongoing fundraiser even after June 23. If our goal is not met by June 23 we will launch a Kickstarter campaign (we have not done so yet because of the fact that they take a healthy cut of the money donated on their website.)

Finally, you can read a story I wrote about the evolution of our Farm Dream that will be published in the Pathways outdoor Education magazine this coming winter. The story is posted on my blog at this link:

And if you still want to make a donation or made a pledge and have not sent the money you can either send an email money transfer to
Or write a cheque made out to Sebastian Ramirez
sent to:
Beth and Seb
44 Caledonia St.

Please notify us by email if we should expect something in the mail!

Rubber Boots and New Roots,

Seb and Beth

These are pictures from the potluck that was organized by John and Jill, the current farm owners. They invited and introduced us to their friends and neighbours. Seb and I invited a few friends and our families to see the farm. It was an overwhelmingly lovely day! We can’t wait to invite all of you to see and play on the Farm!



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