spring momentum

It’s Friday, and Buddy the yellow lab is curled up at my feet beside the door of the bus.   My back is pressed up against our “weekly schedule” chalkboard, likely leaving chalk on my back and erasing all the tasks of this past week.  Seb is busy making warm potato-arugula salad, one of our favourites.  Chicks are here now, 150 of them, and we’ve been drinking milk from Audrey the American Milking Devon cow for about a week.  Today is the first day of dandelion smoke, seeds floating through the air, across the fields.  As we walk through the fields our shoes and the paws of dogs turn yellow with dandelion pollen. Last night we saw our first bats.

Thistles have appeared in the field, telling us of compaction; threatening to sting my partly-calloused feet.  Onions, parsnips, celery, cabbage, kale, and many other things were planted this week; spinach, carrots, peas, broccoli and more are thriving.  Weeds, especially twitchgrass are rampant.  Our first two groups came to help out at the farm.  They stacked piles and piles of wood, helped us clear out the area around our bus, planted onion sets, and more.  Seb and I planted 17 large plums and pears- 8 at the farm, and 9 in my parent’s backyard.  All of the other fruit trees that we had kept at Green Being Farm are now planted here in a nursery- cherries, saskatoon berries, hazelnuts, artic kiwis, and more.  Two of our buff orpington ducks are sitting on their eggs- with any luck we’ll have ducklings the first week of June.

Racoons are rampant, some of them sick.  Barn cats have popped their heads out of hiding; curious about the chicks in their midst.  Nettles, leeks, chives, shittake mushrooms, and fiddleheads grace our meals.  Water in the creek is cool and clear.  Spring is here indeed.

2012-05-01 12.44.25 2012-05-01 12.58.26 2012-05-08 15.58.47 2012-05-09 11.10.32 2012-05-10 05.26.37 2012-05-10 05.36.37 2012-05-10 05.41.59 2012-05-13 13.09.26 2012-05-13 13.10.17 2012-05-13 14.12.15 2012-05-14 09.11.46 2012-05-14 13.16.23 2012-05-14 13.45.42 2012-05-14 14.32.41 2012-05-15 12.29.21 2012-05-15 14.14.07 2012-05-15 14.14.16 2012-05-15 15.17.05 2012-05-16 08.27.55 2012-05-16 10.12.16 2012-05-17 08.40.32 2012-05-17 11.49.46 2012-05-17 12.10.53 2012-05-17 12.53.53


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