Ducky TV

We’ ve moved our four ducks from the farm into our backyard.  Instead of building an elaborate shed or house for them, like most urban poultry keepers- we’ve got a retired dog cage, surrounded with straw bales which we slowly pick away at to give them fresh bedding.  All that is topped with a tarp.  It is not a beautiful structure but by all accounts it works perfectly.  At night when it gets dark the ducks wander in and cozy up in the straw.  And in the morning after 8 am we let them out to roam the yard.  We wait until 8 because it is said that ducks lay most of their eggs before that time.

Roaming the yard has, in the last couple days, meant that they make a beeline for the window well beside my bedroom, then hop in to hunt for wasps and fill their crops with small stones (the crop is a part of poultry digestion- they eat stones which fill the crop and grind up food before it goes to their bellies).

This morning I awoke to what we call “Ducky TV”.  The ducks were in the window well, doing funny duck things such as taking naps with their heads contorted back, standing on one leg, and pecking at the window.  Having the farm in the backyard sure makes for easy entertainment and amusement!

Currently the ducks are being loud and obnoxious.  Luckily next door construction is being done on the house, and so there’s not many to disturb.  But I am disturbed!  What would posses these little creatures to quack for hours while I try to read a book on a Saturday morning?


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