Week 1: Notes from the Feral Field

We arrived on Monday to our new home at Green Being Farm.  We will be working 3 days a week for Green Being Farm, and 3 days on our own projects (1/4 acre veggies, 40 ducks, 2 bee hives, and a fruit tree nursery).  The first three days were filled with lots of little work projects.  The farm we are at has a flock of 40 sheep, laying hens, and (since yesterday), three cows!  They run a winter CSA growing storage veggies which they keep cool in their cold cellar (made out of an old swimming pool!).  They will be getting more chickens, turkeys, and pigs to raise for meat in the next month.

Today we are tilling up 1/2 our garden plot using the BCS rotary plow.  Though the machine does great work on very little fuel, it sure is a lot of sound, shaking, force, and smell!  Luckily we only have to plow our plot 1 time.

Thursday and Friday were spent planting our trees from 3 of 4 of the nurseries we ordered from.  The trees from one of the nurseries were a little larger than we were expecting, with a few suspicious spots (trunk damage, and some black that looks like a disease called fire blight!).  We’ll have to keep our eyes on those one.

Yesterday we spread compost on our plot, and finished setting up our tent.  That’s right- we are living in the tent again!  Last night we slept in it for the first time since last April.  The air was cold and crisp; we slept great (dressed in many layers and blankets).

Our friend and fellow sustainable agriculture classmate who we love dearly, Katie, has just arrived and will be working for the season at another organic farm down the road.  Since Katie has been in Edmonton since last winter it is really special to be able to reunite with her.



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