Welcome to Feral Fields

In summer 2012 Feral Fields will begin operations out of Neustadt, Ontario under the mentorship of Tarrah Young of Green Being Farm.  We have plans for a raft of ducks, 2 swarms of bees, a mixed fruit and nut tree nursery, and a veggie garden producing seeds and food for 10-15 households.  If you live in Guelph consider buying veggies at our monthly driveway market!  If you live in the Hanover/Neustadt area consider joining our CSA!  

While we begin our projects in Neustadt we will continue our hunt for land (to purchase or long-term rent) around Guelph.  It is our hope that the trees we begin growing this year will one day provide many fruits and nuts for our community, and that the growing of local fruits and nuts will expand in our part of the province.

We are committed to working with growers and eaters to build a local food system that is nourishing, dynamic, and life-sustaining for all.  If you would like to get involved in our farm, eat our food, or support us on any of our ventures do not hesitate to email feralfields@gmail.com.

For farm news, food facts, and other fun stories check out our blog!

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