We’re in Lindsay again

it doesn’t feel like we’ve been here long
but then I remember that 2 of my dear friends (or rather, 4)
birthed beautiful babies into this world in these last 3 weeks

and the moon, though hiding behind the clouds, is almost where it was when we arrived.

Yes, many good things can happen in 3 weeks.

we’ve been spending time visiting farms (cooper csa, lunar rhythms, greenshire eco farm, the cottage gardener, kawartha winery), in class, outside class
canning beets, rescuing apples from abandoned trees
pressing them for cider, vinegar, apple syrup

spending time
biking to an open swamp
where the fall birds roam the skies
in speckled black packs
and the cold stream hides behind the cattails

spending time
eating fordhook and guatemalen blue (squash) and music garlic baked in the oven
eating purple and green sauerkraut fermented months ago
and elderberry fruit leather
dried in lingering late august

spending time
working on our official farm proposal, writing lists and visions
reading thick books because we like to
dreaming of chums (cherry plums)
and dairy sheep (yes, sheep you milk)

spending time visiting our old home
turning our eyes upward
to see cedars sway like blades of grass

making fire with the matches we got for a nickel
and with the kindling we hide in our tent during the rain

We’ve been blessed with a great three weeks back. 

we are not living alone
we are not living in the woods

(but we will again)

these are some pictures of things from the summer in Toronto, there are more to come!

chard and kale and kalaloo
dandelion and bindweed
sunsugar and rye
bittermelon, nasturtium, okra

now see if you can figure out what’s what!


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