blackberry canes and grassy lanes

we haven’t written enough. this week we are packing up our tent life and moving to a community house near downtown toronto to begin our summer coop at “The Stop” (check them out!). we haven’t written enough about our house in the woods.  we have been in hibernation. i have been having some strange unresolvable health problems. we have been sleeping, and cutting wood, and cooking, and eating, and doing homework.  we have been enjoying time with friends and driving home to visit family.  we have been in and out of our little home all winter, but mostly in, in, living it, and not ever stopping to wonder what we would do without it. 

i hope you will listen to our stories and poetry as it emerges even long after we have left our haven in the woods.

every day some new natural sound emerges from the shrubs and trees around us- frogs, woodpeckers, morning doves.  everyday some new plant springs up from the ground- a tuft of grass, wild blackberry canes reaching to the sky for sunlight, a trout lily.

everything is different now.  where there was once 2 feet of snow there is now green and purple grass coming to life and colour beneath our feet.  There are killdeer flying low looking for food in the field, and 3 or 4 deposits of deer droppings in the small meadow near our tent revealed upon the melting of the snow.

we are different now.  where there was once the daily fear of being discovered, and removed from our small place in the woods, there is now incredible thankfulness and peace.  we have been protected and loved by our home, and we have protected and loved her back. 

the only challenge now is to pack up, and move on as though we are not afraid of cities, pollution, and cars.  seb and i are both doing our coop with an organization called “the stop” in toronto.  we will live in a house called the “no plastics” house- and try a new and equally noble form of living.

my mom and dad are coming saturday with a canoe to help us move our things out!  we came in by sled, and since the snow is melted we must use the river by our tent to help us move our things out since the nearest accessible road is a 30 minute walk, and we foolishly brought lots of mason jars and things.  i can’t wait to show them this place where we have been hiding all winter long.  

rejoice rejoice rejoice spring has sprung.



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