Creativity flows and grass grows.

Its been a while now since the river by our tent completly thawed out, bringing with it many new sounds, sights, and visitors (animal and human).

For the last couple months I have felt somewhat exhausted, and lethargic at times. Weve both had days where we would much rather stay in bed than get up, build a fire and make the trek to school. I guess weve been hibernating.

I say so because for the last couple weeks so much change has happened! All of the last snow pockets have evaporated back into the sky like some old ghosts who decide to leave thier old haunts in the woods. New birds, new green shoots in the field as we walk to and from school. More sunlight and warm wind in the morning.

This coming of spring has brought me a surge of creative energy, like sap flowing from the roots of maple trees up into thier top leaves as the season changes. I am inspired once more to write poetry and read stories. It may be the longer days that lend extra energy for these creative expressions. What ever it is I am SO happy it has returned. I know there have been sevral times over the past couple months, where Ive thought to myself: “what if I just never pick up a pen again, what if my short stint as a poet is over.” and other such deafeating thoughts. But No! it is back and it is welcome.

This warm weather sure brings relief and happiness, but it also brings out idiots who want to party and dont know how to clean up after themselves! There are 2 spots on our walk home that have been used as a party spot/dumping ground. Whoever has been here has left large sections of charred trees, beer bottles, cans, plastic food wrappers, full bottles of pop (about 5 2L bottles!) and even a large plastic wrapped, unopened package of uncooked chicken legs! When I first saw all of this I was so angry and frustrated that people would be so careless to leave all of their junk and left over food without any notion of respect.

After 3 months of living in the woods Beth and I have been so careful to clean up after ourselves and not cause damage to the woods which have been so generous to us. I am torn between the idea of leaving it to let people be more responsible or cleaning it up since I cant bear to look at it. As I mull these choices over in my head I will make my plea to you lovely readers…

If you plan to get outside to enjoy this amazing weather (I highly reccommend that you do!) please be mindful of the impact you have on the land and natural ecosystems you engage with. Please pack out your garbage, and leave your spot the way it was or better!

Thank you for reading! now get off of your computer and go play out side!

plastic dumps or decaying stumps,



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