whoo areee youuu?

We have a new friendly neighbour (owl)

and a pesky new housepet (mouse)

I’m not sure what kind of owl it is, but there is an owl that hangs out in our forest.  I like to respond to his calls with my own owl calls.  One time Seb told me to try to talk to it/ send it a message with my who-ing, so I did.  In my head I tried to send the message that he should “Come to our tent, come to our tent”.  A moment later we heard the whoo-ing from directly above the tent.  It suprised and scared me so much that I started laughing until I cried.   What fun the forest can be.

Then there is the mouse.  We put all our things away in tupperwares at night so that mice dont come to find snacks, but there is a mouse (I hope only one), that seems to find snacks anyways.  He found a bit of peanut butter on a washed peanut butter lid.  I found some old cabbage he had stashed in our blankets.  Then one night I was opening the wooden box where we keep our coats and out popped mr. mouse.  Bah!  He was very cute.  Seb is very cute too when he gently says, “you are not welcome here mousie, please go away!”

We continue to discover new beautiful things in our forest life.  We had to leave our tent and walk to school for a field trip leaving at 545 am the other day.  On our dark morning walk we saw the most peculiar orange moon hanging low over the field. Sometimes a huge bird will scare us by swooping out of hiding in the trees we pass.  Sometimes the whole field is covered with ice and we can slide our way to school. 

Some cool things to learn about in a spare moment: Temple Grandin (we saw her speak the other day and she has done phenomenal things), this hilarious video about an urban farmer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yYO4L2vegE), and this pamplet on permaculture: http://www.permacultureproject.com/resources-2/bill-mollison-permaculture-pamphlets

Have a beautiful day all!



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