“what are these crumbs in our bed?”

2 weeks ago Seb and I returned to our tent to find that mice had chewed our sheets, and that mold had accumulated on the underside of our futon.

“What are these crumbs in our bed?” Seb asked.  After examining we found that the crumbs were mice poo.  Yum.  While cleaning our bed and removing the sheets we found some mold. 

We had only been away only 5 days.  Seb went to a conference all about getting non-corporate food to people in universities/colleges. Then he went to Montreal to visit some old friends.  I dissapeared off to the great and beautiful Algonquin Park to winter camp for 5 days with a group of grade 10s from the Community Environment Leadership Program (http://www.ugdsb.on.ca/celp/index.aspx) (side note: It was during this program that I first was introduced to the joys of winter camping, and began my journey to where I am now.)

A word on my trip…
Winter camping in Algonquin was phenomenal.  I had forgotten how big everything is in that park.  The small meadows near our tent in Lindsay are nothing compared to the wide open firewood swamps.  The trees in algonquin are taller, the air quieter, the lakes expansive and glorious.  I will post some photos from the trip.  These are some of the gorgeous photos taken by one of the other leaders in my tent, Peter Kelly.  Check out the rest of the trip photographs Peter took at Peter Kelly Photography!!   www.flickr.com/photos/peterkelly1


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