The Visitors…

Weve had a few “visitors” during our almost month long stay in the trees. I call them “visitors” because we never actually SEE them, they see us. Or rather our tent. We are left with this empty feeling of not knowing what intention they had, what authourity they may feel entitled too and whether or not they’ll be back.

Last night we came close to seeing them!

So far our ”visitors” have been (for all we know it could all be the same):

First- Man on skis with dog

Second-anonymous snowshoe tracks that made a loop through the forest for a second look.

Third- someone with snowshoes and someone with boots.

And heres the story of last night:

We had 3 friends come over for supper and tea, 2 of them left to return home and one (Courtney) stayed over. Since it gets dark around 5:45-6 Pm we stayed up a while longer but went to sleep fairly early.

11pm. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH (lights shine on the front wall of the tent and I hear mens voices, maybe 2 or 3) My eyes bolt open and I franticly try to wake up Beth by hitting her leg. In my half sleepy daze my first thoughts are (Cops! oh no, the cops are coming to arrest us.)

-Courtney (whispers) someones here? 

ZZZZZZZZ.Zipper opening!!!! Courtney- Hellooo??

Guys- WHoah dude, theres someone in there!! (they run away a few meters)

We could here them talking really fast not too far away…I thought I heard one say: “theres someone living in that tent?!” “c’mon man, theyre gonna shoot us!”

We thought we should call them over to say, its ok, we live here, you can come hang out just please respect the space and our tent. But I didnt know I had such an intimidating voice…

Seb-hey guys?! (whistle) come back…

Then all we could hear were really fast footsteps and I could hear my heard beating in my ears. We all slumped back into bed and pondered at what they were doing, then laughed about it.

My hypothesis is that “visitor” #2 (single snowshoer) came back (snowshoer and boot guy) to show his friend, THEN, brought 2 more friends this time in the middle of the night to explore and…party? in there. I dont think anyone would just find it in the middle of the night by accident.

Anyways, the plan is to make a nice welcoming sign to invite people back if they come by while were out. Something along the lines of: “Welcome visitors!, this is our home, we would love to have you over for tea if we arent home right now, please respect our tent as we would your homes and come back later if you wish.”

If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

so long for now,

bees wax and snowshoe tracks,



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