elk hide moccasins

Last weekend was our first time away from Lindsay since we moved here.  Seb went off to the Guelph Organic Conference, and I to a leader-training weekend for the winter camping trip I’ll be helping lead in Algonquin Park in a couple weeks.

It felt odd to leave our tent alone, and more and more it feels like home when we return.

This weekend I pick up a few tidbits about how to keep ourselves comfortable and safe in our tent.  For the most part I learned that we’ve been doing most things right…Except for setting up the tent. 

We set up the tent just the two of us.  In high school there were about 9 of us working together on setting up one tent.  If I ever do it again, I will find some more friends to help us out with it.  It was a day full of frustrating miscalculations, and snow too shallow to drive in our posts.  Now it is stable with lots of snow and a few large nails we drove into the ground.  This week’s heavy dumping of snow was our tent’s first real test.  The ridge pole (pole that runs across the top of the tent) was bending a bit under the weight of the snow.  After clearing off the snow, it looks to be strong again- but I’m keeping my eye on it.

I’ve uploaded this picture of my moccasins- ones that I use daily (except when I feel like skiing into school).  I made them back in headwaters, the amazing high school program that you can learn about here: http://www.ugdsb.on.ca/celp/HeadWaters.htm.  Seb has a pair too.  Our moccasins are made of elk hide and canvas.  They keep us happy and warm, and are easy to throw on when we need to step outside our tent for something.  Of all the things that I am deeply thankful for, these mocassins are certainly high on the list.



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