Locker Contents, FAQ, and Kefir

Locker contents:
1 jar lentil sprouts
1 jar alfalfa sprouts
3 jars fermenting kefir (fermented yoghurt drink)
2 pairs snowshoes
1 laptop computer
2 pairs of moccasins (for snowshoing)
a pencil case
some paper
a bag of onions, garlic, potatoes

we got ourselves a locker.  
Now we can make our own sprouts to add a bit to our winter diet, and I can make kefir- a super healthy food that is good for your gut.  

Frequently asked questions: 

where do you go to the bathroom?

we pee in the woods, and save number 2 for at school!  It works out most of the time.  

how do you keep your vegetables from freezing?
we keep most of them in our locker, and take what we need for a few days to the tent.  We keep them in a cooler in the tent, insulated with a t-shirt and a pair of my jeans.  We’ve had many things freeze (ie. pumpkin, vinegar, oil, carrots, onions, and jerusalem artichoke).  We just throw our frozen vegetables in a pot, and make soup… yum!
How do you cook?On our woodstove- it takes a long time, and we have to have lots of wood to make it hot.
ps. Kefir is super easy to make.  Just buy a jar of kefir from the health food store and save about half a cup from it to start your next batch. You can make your own by adding the starter to a jug/jar/container of milk and letting it sit for 24-48 hours.  I add a few drops of stevia to sweeten it. Yum yum!
psps. read this great (and terrifying) article on food waste in Canada


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