1 week!

Its been 1 week now since we officially moved into the woods.

Most days after class or at the end of a long day making the trek back to the camp is a beautiful pleasure. I wont lie however, there are days after a long day in class or after a short night that are not so easy. Some days while walking home, through the knee deep snow I think…is 4’O clock, its getting dark, we have to walk half an hour, then cut some wood, build a fire and think about cooking dinner. On top of that, thinking about planning our future farm plan!

Weve taken to letting the stove go out at night, while we huddle under our blankets for warmth. This saves us lots of wood and lets us have a long, undisturbed sleep. When we wake up, with frosted breath bed sheets we simply reach out into the cold and set a match to our pre-built fire. Then retreat back under the covers untill theres a 2-3 meter warm zone around the fire where we can get ready for school and make breaky.

I love hearing the stove warm up as the fire burns hot, first you hear little crackling sticks then the dull sounds of the stove shifting and expanding as golden-orange light sneaks through the gaps in the door. The sun comes up from our feet end of the tent and encourages us to get up and going.

Last night as we were cooking dinner we heard sounds outside our tent which made us freeze as we ate our pop corn appetizer. swooshing sounds and a mans voice he said “come on!” and we heard jingling like a dogs collar. we sat paralysed for a couple seconds then slowly went back to cooking. Later, we checked outside and saw that it was ski tracks, someone sking with thier dog. Here we are a day later and no secondary visit so we think its ok.

It made me wonder though, what would I think if I saw a big white tent in the middle of the forest…would I stick around to see if they had tea or just get myself out of there quick as possible!

Also, today we went snowshoeing for the first time, across a big untouched field, past the snowmobile racers and up to the school. A beautiful snowyday to be living in the outdoors.

enjoy the photos!

cold skin and moccasins,



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